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Mike Noel

I just wanted to send you, Arlene and the team a quick letter of thanks for making the purchase of my Quetico 16 Le Tigre a very enjoyable experience.

My partner Jess and I visited your booth at the Toronto International Outdoor Show, after months of researching the numerous canoe makes and models.

I had decided on a Souris River canoe before going, but didn’t know exactly which model would be best suited for our use. You and your team made this easy, by explaining the pros & cons of each hull design for my intended uses.

I have been out several times since the pickup from Wayne in April, with my first solo camping trip on the Victoria Day long weekend, and cannot tell you enough how happy I am with the purchase. We just did a nice little 16km paddle this past Saturday. It brings a smile to my face each and every time I paddle it!

Once again, thank you for all your help in my decision, and thanks for building such a great canoe!

Mike Noel


Chris Schneider


Just thought I’d share a couple of photos I took of my Quetico 17 while on a ten day trip to Big Crow Lake and four day trip to Ralph Brice, both in Algonquin.  

I also want to just say thanks for building this awesome canoe. It has the exceed the expectations of my son and I  (light, stable, handling).  Let Keith know I am glad I went with the 17 instead of the 16 (he sold it to me at the Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto).

You guys should be proud of what you build. I have heard a so many good comments on this canoe. I know I made the right choice going with Souris River. And your dealer Opeongo Outfitters could only say good things about this canoe too!



Karen Hurd

Hi Wayne (& Keith & Arlene & crew),

I just wanted to say a big thank you for my wonderful new Prospector canoe.

When Wayne was delivering it to Ottawa I was just getting out of the hospital.  I was not allowed to come & get my much-prized canoe!  Thank you for ensuring it was delivered in good condition.

It has been out on the water lots already.  I have all summer to enjoy it.  It is at least 40 pounds lighter than my previous canoe.  Now I will be happy to do more portages…

Keep up the good work & thanks again!

Karen Hurd


Paul Fabbi

Greetings Arlene,

I want to share with you my delight with my new Souris River Tranquility Canoe. What a remarkable boat! I am a kayaker and the Tranquility is my first canoe, and I am impressed by this canoe’s straight tracking, and at 6’5”, 230 pounds, this Tranquility provides me ample room and stability.

I paddled kayak-style with ease.

The canoe arrived in perfect shape and Wayne was so helpful in providing instruction and safely mounting it on my car.

Souris River Canoe is a superior-quality company and a pleasure to do business with, and your signature on the canoe makes it special. {At Paul’s request, Souris River Canoes staff signed his canoe prior to it being shipped.}

Thank you soo much!!
Paul Fabbi


Andy Jackson


I got my new canoe unwrapped last night and sat in it in my garage. I know...I'm a fool! I can't wait to take it to the river. The workmanship is magnificent and is more than I could have ever hoped for.

Tell your guys in manufacturing they have a thumbs up from me.


Thanks again,

Canoe Shipping.jpg

Marianne McGrath

It was pouring rain & gusting winds as Jim worked on freeing the canoe from the crate at the Manitoulin Depot on the mainland.

Wth Souris River’s excellent directions,the canoe was freed from its protective cradle and secured to the roof rack.

Later that day in our front garden in Victoria we removed the protective plastic & found a lovely mug with Souris River logo tucked under the seat. What a thoughtful gesture.

Thank you, Wayne for starting us on our canoe adventures.

Marianne & Jim


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