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We have seat options to suit your needs. Whether you prefer the standard contoured seats, or need something adjustable - all of our canoes come with a variety of options.

Standard Seat

All our canoes are built with webbed wooden seats. They are comfortable, and (unlike bucket seats) do not confine you to sitting dead-centre in the canoe.

Sliding Bow Seat

Sliding bow seats  are also available as an option. These allow you to trim your canoe for different loads.

We find sliding bow seats a very helpful option in our tandem canoes, particularly with smaller bow paddlers, as it allows them to shift towards the front where the canoe is narrower.

If you are purchasing a tandem canoe, but intend to solo it quite a bit (by reversing the canoe and sitting in the bow seat), you will likely find a fixed bow seat more comfortable, however.

Drop-In Seat

This seat attaches to the gunwales for occasional use by additional paddlers. It is adjustable from 31” to 39”, and is gunwale-friendly. These will fit any of our canoes, except the Tranquility.

Third Seat

Most commonly installed in our Quetico 18.5, a third seat can be installed in many of our models. There are several options for positioning, depending on your needs, so call us to discuss. The third seat can be removed, temporarily, but the seat brackets remain in place.

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