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Read our Review in Canoeroots Magazine

Canoeroots Magazine published a rather flattering review of 
our flagship Quetico 17 recently.  Click here to read the 
review, or download the whole issue.

Paddling the Mississippi in a Quetico 17

In 2014, Amy Lauterbach and James Yurchenco paddled the Mississippi River from end to end in a Quetico 17. 
See pictures and read about it here.

Canoe Manufacturers

At Souris River Canoes, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect canoe for you. While we hope that that is one of our canoes, we realize that we do not build canoes to suit all needs. Souris River Canoes concentrates on strong, lightweight, KEVLAR® tripping canoes. If that’s you, stay on our site; you won’t find a better canoe. If it is not you, the following canoe builders manufacture quality canoes targeted to different needs.

  • Fletcher Canoes, hand-crafted cedar-canvass canoes built here in Atikokan.

Training and Skills Development

  • Spirit of the Paddle, owned and operated by our good friend and paddling expert Dave Maynard, offers a variety of ORCKA training programs.

Good Paddling Sites

  • The Wabakimi Project is a grassroots volunteer initiative to explore and document the canoe routes of Wabakimi Provincial Park. The group uses  Souris River Wilderness 18's exclusively.

  •, reams of up-to-date information on our sport.

  • Voyage to the Bay chronicles a 2900 kilometre canoe trip to Hudson's Bay (in Souris River Canoes, of course).

  • Written by Gary and Joanie McGuffin, the Book Quetico - into the wild contains fantastic photographs of our favourite park.

Equipment Manufacturers and Retailers

Souris River Canoes has no financial affiliation with the following companies. We have used their products and find them to be useful and well-made. We hope you have the same experience.


Groups Supported by Souris River Canoes

Souris River Canoes supports and sponsors the following organizations:

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