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Mark and Jane Dixon

Dear Warren,

Here is a  photo of our Souris River Quetico 17 on the Blackwater Estuary in Essex, England, hauled up as the tide comes in over a sand bar and oyster reef.  This boat we had imported from Souris four years ago, after we had hired a Quetico for an unguided wilderness trip in Temagami, and were so impressed with the canoe’s handling that we had one shipped over. It is, as far as we know, the only Le Tigre in the UK and we have paddled this boat for hundreds of miles around our local coast and rivers.

Although over the last two years we hired canoes for trips down the Yukon and last year across Mongolia on the Orhon river, none were Souris and none were such lovely boats to paddle in. This year we are back to Canada to the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park for another two week unguided trip, but Red Lake Outfitters who are organising our adventure, use Souris, so we can lash the craft to the De Havilland float plane sure in the knowledge that we have the best canoe in the world to navigate around in.

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Larry Trotter

Keith & Arlene,

Eight hundred pounds of steel and five feet of snow weight on a 26x18 foot steel roof collapsed, crushing my favorite canoe I bought from Keith Robinson at Souris River Canoes in 2001. We thought the canoe was severely damaged as it was crushed between my suburban and my 20 foot fishing boat. The the hull flexed and the wood gunwale conformed to the shape of the suburban as the thousands of pounds of snow weight twisted it into a wedged position. After the snow melted, we had to jack the steel off the canoe and remove it.

When we laid the Quetico 17 out on the grass in the sun everything came back to normal shape. Wow, we couldn't believe it survived! I stopped at the Souris River Company manufacturing plant in Atikokan Ontario for inspection and confirmed the structural integrity was not compromised!

Wow again for a little epoxy and the slightly cracked wood gunwale was like new and we were ready for another 11 day trip into the heart of Quetico Provincial Park!

Thank you Keith for making my favorite canoe. I only own 13 boats. 

Larry Trotter

Ryck Jorgensen

I just bought my first canoe. I am relatively new to Boundary Waters tripping, but have fallen in love with it. My last trip was a solo trip and the outfitter set me up with a Souris River Tranquility. They strapped it to my car and sent me on my way. My first impression was how light it was. I was able to pop it off of my car, set it on my shoulder and hit the water with the greatest of ease. I loaded my gear and settled into the seat. The adjustable seat made it so easy to trim the canoe. I was able to navigate the channel in Mudroe Lake and crossed Fourtown lake before I knew it. 

After I came home, I decided that if I was going to get a canoe, this was the one. Time and good fortune smiled on me and this spring I made a trip to Ely where Wayne and his staff had delivered my new Tranquility in burgundy. I strapped it to my car and began the trip back home. I had so many people comment how beautiful it was that it just made me proud. I hit the lake last weekend and christened it. I am now ready to get my next one. 

Who knows, maybe I’ll win the Quetico 17…

Thanks to everyone at Souris River
Ryck Jorgensen

Russell Vowell

I’m thrilled to know that our canoe is on the way. To order and then have the boat crated and shipped in the same week is amazing service.

I’ll certainly give you a shout when I take delivery.


Thanks again.
Russell Vowell

Dexter Morris

Wayne and all,

The beautiful canoe arrived at the depot on Friday and I was able to pick it up today. Its in perfect shape. The guys at the depot had never seen anything like it (the crate). Thanks to your instructions was able to quickly de-crate it and put it on top of our car with one finger (well almost, its so light compared to what we were using).

Thanks also for the mug which we discovered once we got home :) It’s very nice.

We hope to get the canoe out on the water later in the week.

Thanks again for all your help.




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