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Lightweight and durable - our aluminum trim options provide a low-maintenance, long-lasting finish, that provide structural stability, and a clean finish to keep your KEVLAR® canoe looking amazing. All our canoes now come standard with black anodized aluminum trim. Bronze is optional, as are wood handles and thwarts.

Red Woven
Black Aluminum Trim

Black aluminum trim is standard on all models and colours. This stunning finish is durable and requires no maintenance.

Bronze Aluminum Trim

Bronze aluminum trim is available as an option. With matching bronze decals, this is gives an attractive finish, especially to our darker colours, like carbon.

Red Woven
Wood Thwarts and Handles

Wood thwarts and handles enhance the beauty of your canoe substantially. They add a slight amount of weight and maintenance, but retain the durability of aluminum gunwales. (Wood handles are also much nicer to hold with bare hands in the colder months!)

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