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Recently Souris River Canoes combined our designing knowledge with that of Gary McGuffin, renowned adventure photographer, and Skip Izon, a world class canoe and rowing shell designer. The result of this collaborationis the Skeena, an innovative whitewater tripping model, that performs extremely well in whitewater yet cruises effortlessly on flat water.

As Souris River has the well deserved reputation as builder of the most resilient canoe hulls in the ultra-light market, the next logical step was to test our expertise in the world of whitewater canoes. Our whitewater expedition layup consists of our tough epoxy resin combined with KEVLAR®, polyester cloth and other fabrics. The Skeena has finally emerged and results have proven to be quite amazing. Those who believed that no composite canoe could stand up to wild river conditions now need to rethink that premise.

Clearly there is a place for such a boat. It may never take the place of Royalex in extreme whitewater, but it clearly has a niche where combination usage exists.

Not only will it survive whitewater abuse, but it will prove to be a much better paddling canoe on the rest of the river and out across the lakes as well. In fact, the Skeena is not just a river canoe. Its high volume design makes this an excellent canoe for big lakes like Superior. And don’t let the size of this canoe fool you – she’s faster than she looks.

The Skeena will be especially appreciated when you have to pick it up on the portages and place it on your shoulders. The Skeena may be just a shade over 16½ feet but it is a hefty hull in many ways except in weight. At 52 pounds (in the whitewater layup), it is upwards of 30 pounds lighter than a comparable plastic hull. This canoe is raising some eyebrows and generating interest among whitewater enthusiasts.



Whitewater KEVLAR®






Gunwale width


Red Woven Colour
Green Woven Colour
Blue Woven Colour
Black Woven Colour
Red leTigre
Green leTigre
Blue leTigre
Clear Kevlar
Carbon Tec


6" Bow

2" Stern








*Includes aluminum trim, standard yoke, and curved web seats.

Note that in the whitewater layup, Skeenas are only available in clear Kevlar or leTigre Kevlar.

Contact us to inquire for more details or place an order.

Souris River Skeena Canoe
Souris River Skeena Canoe
Souris River Skeena Canoe
Souris River Skeena Canoe
Souris River Skeena Canoe

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