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There are many intangible reasons why we are proud of our canoes. Like over 30 years of ongoing research and development. Like the fact that almost all of our employees have been with us over seven years, and many have been here over ten. Like the fact that our builders are also paddlers, or that outfitters buy our canoes because they need repairs far less often than other brands.

Here are fifteen very tangible reasons why our canoes are superior. Take this list to our competitors and compare. You might find other canoes that share some of our features, but you won’t find any other canoe that has all of them. When you’re done comparing, contact us for factory direct sales. If you’re still not convinced, on your next canoe trip, rent from one of the many outfitters who carry our canoes.


There are two reasons why all KEVLAR® canoes are not created equal. The first is layup (point #7). The second is resin. Epoxy resin is substantially stronger than the vinylester or polyester resin used by our competitors. Polyester and vinylester are both more brittle than epoxy, and more prone to delamination over time.


Epoxy is also more expensive and more difficult to use, which is why others shy away from it. A Souris River Canoe, reasonably cared for, will retain its strength for as long as you’ll be able to paddle it. For an unbiased comparison of polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins,read this article from Linkedin.

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