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We offer three yoke options. We find that most of our customers find the standard yoke with yoke pads to be the most comfortable and versatile option. The yoke pads are clamped to the yoke, and so can be easily adjusted in the field to fit you perfectly. They are also large enough to allow you to shift your weight for proper comfort, and to balance your canoe.

The Teal II yoke, manufactured for us by Shellane Woodworking, will conform to your neck, and is a very stylish and traditional-looking yoke. Some paddlers, especially women, may find it uncomfortable. The Teal II yoke is slightly heavier than the standard yoke, and about the same weight as a standard yoke with pads.

The standard yoke is, well, standard on all our canoes. The contoured yoke or yoke pads may be ordered as an option on any of our canoe models

Standard Yoke

This is our standard yoke, handcrafted from ash right here in Ontario.

Standard Yoke with Pads

Perfect for long portages, our standard yoke can become comfortable and adjustable with these optional adjustable pads.

Contoured Yoke

Our contoured yoke is a very popular option. Designed to match the contour of your shoulders, and with a small grove to protect your spine, this is a popular choice for long portages.

Adjustable Yoke

Our solo Tranquility comes standard with this clamp-on removable yoke. This yoke clamps firmly to the gunwales for safe, comfortable portaging. When paddling, the yoke may be clamped to another section of gunwale, safely out of the way.

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