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Luke Sellick

Luke Sellick shot and edited this drone footage of two red Souris River Canoes in Turtle River Provincial Park, north of our shop in Atikokan.

Stephen Urban

Steve Urban of Augustine, Florida sent this video of him and wife Joy paddling their Quetico 16 among the manatees. He wrote: "Hi: Steve Urban here from St. Augustine, Florida. Below is a link to a 3.5 minute video I took of our 3/12/2019 twelve mile paddle of the Ichetucknee and Santa Fe rivers here in Florida. We (Steve and Joy) purchased our Quetico 16 canoe in February 2012. The Quetico has made our paddling of Florida's spring fed rivers so enjoyable allowing us to be immersed into the abundance of nature found along its waterways."

Tim Smith

Tim Smith of St. Louis Park, MN, put this cute video together for us. He also sent us the following praise:

My brother-in-law Brad Schwartz of Decorah, Iowa really loves his Souris River canoe and since we are both in our mid-50’s now, he bribes his sons to portage the much heavier 17 foot Old Town in Quetico to save our backs! I might be mistaken, but I think he’s considering upgrading his second canoe to another new Souris River.

Cheers to you and your great company!

Souris River Customer Videos

Souris River Customer Videos

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Mark Gagliono

Mark put together a great video showing the stability and handling abilities of a Souris River Quetico 16 as he paddles it into heavy waves on Mille Lacs Lake in central Minnesota.

Brandon Trafananko

Brandon compiled this great video of all season adventure in Ontario, Canada. Of course it features a Souris River Canoe.

Adrian Roncea

Adrian shot this soothing video of Cootes Paradise, Hamilton, from his Tranquility solo canoe. The second video highlights his newly installed footbrace. The third is Scrabble Lake, in the Queen Elizabeth II Highlands.

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