After fifteen years building canoes in a rabbit warren of small rooms in an old shipping building, it was time for something new. With one layup area, two resin rooms, and two ovens the old building limited us to manufacturing two canoes per day, or about 500 per year.

Back in 1992 that was more than we could hope to build, but with orders outstripping our ability to keep up, owners Keith and Arlene decided to bite the bullet and build a new manufacturing building.

Our new building features
  • Three production lines, increasing our capacity to over 750 canoes per year;

  • An enlarged layup area, permitting two canoes to be prepared at a time;

  • Geo-thermal floor heating for substantially improved energy efficiency;

  • Better ventilation for improved worker comfort;

  • Better lighting and insulation for enhanced quality control.

Construction was completed in early 2009, and we built our first canoe on March 9th. We’re proud of our new building, so drop by if you’re in the area, and we’ll show you around. (If you can’t, check-out our photo album.)

106 Reid Street, P.O. Box 1116

Atikokan, Ontario,


Tel: 807.597.1292




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