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Choosing the right canoe for you can be a challenging prospect. These pages are intended to help you make the right choice. If, after you've reviewed these pages, you are still unsure, feel free to contact us and talk with one of our experts.

Design Considerations

There is a reason why canoes come in so many shapes. What may appear to be subtle differences in hull design can have dramatic effects on handling. One design is rarely better than another; rather, different designs will excel under different conditions.

It is worth noting that some designs are more general-purpose than others.  Our Quetico line is a good example of a general-purpose design. A Quetico 16 is well suited to solo paddling, tandem day-trips, and  short canoe trips.  Our Tranquility, on the other hand, is a superb solo canoe, but it simply is not built for tandem use. Likewise, our Wilderness 18 is an aggressive tripping canoe, but it is not suited to occasional solo paddling. 

What does this mean when choosing your canoe? You should choose a canoe for those activities you will do most often. Whether you choose a general-purpose canoe or a more specific design depends on whether you want to use that same canoe for those activities you only do occasionally.

Handling Considerations

Our design choices affect how each of our canoe models handles under different conditions. This page compares different handling characteristics among our models.

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